St Ives coming out of lockdown

Welcoming Visitors Back to St Ives

Following national Covid-19 guidelines, we expect to welcome visitors back to stay in St Ives from Saturday July 4th.

This year maintaining high health and safety standards for all visitors and the wider community is our top priority. We believe this is achievable and shouldn’t impact too much on your holiday if we all think ahead, cooperate, and use common sense.

Alongside Government measures, we would also like to add a few other guidelines and advice designed to make your time in St Ives more enjoyable.

Please click here to download an information leaflet written by St Ives Town Council with some very helpful information in it.



Whether indoors or out, please keep to the 1-meter plus social distance from others. Please adhere to the “Keep Your Distance” in-store signage. In smaller shops please be mindful of capacity threshold or crowding and be patient.

We have introduced a “keep to the left” policy on our narrow streets. Please adhere to this as much as possible as well as reducing your cross path movement. In unavoidably confined areas it is also advisable to wear a facemask.

In an effort to further reduce congestion in the town, between 10am and 6pm, vehicular access across the harbour front has been restricted to permit holders and essential vehicles only. During this time Fore Street is closed to all vehicles. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but it is unavoidable during this time of social distancing.




The St Ives town beaches tend to get very crowded on warm summer days, especially during high tide. Please consider avoiding the beach at this time (using the St Ives Tide Times can help you plan your day). Alternatively try going to one of the many out of town beaches further along both north and south coasts, as many of these beaches are much less crowded, even during peak months. Being intrepid certainly can pay off.

Please have a look at this useful guide from Surfers Against Sewage – The Socially Responsible Beach Guide

Go shopping at less busy times. Either early in the morning or in the evening. Do big food shopping at the larger out of town supermarkets, away from the beaches, at quieter times to avoid crowds.


St Ives Shops Silver Origins


Queuing measures have been introduced at many shops and restaurants throughout St Ives, to manage visitor numbers during peak hours. Customers may be asked to visit later if there are long queues forming outside.


Hand sanitiser will be available on entrance to many shops and restaurants. Please use when provided. Or, alternatively carry your own.


St Ives Shops Academy


Many shops have installed protective screens at till points. Naturally, we encourage contactless payment wherever possible.


It is anticipated that many accommodation providers will be allowed to open from July 4th. Rentals and Hotels/B&Bs may be allowed to open on different dates so please check before setting out and make sure you have your accommodation booked before arriving. To allow for the additional sanitisation procedures most rental properties will now accept arrivals only after 5pm. If you arrive before 4pm some road closures in the town may be in force and you might find it difficult to get to your accommodation so please check with your provider to ensure that no changes have been made since the time of booking.

As Government guidelines change, and learning as we move forward, we will endeavour to update you as soon as possible.

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