St Ives, Adapting to Coronavirus

St Ives Adapting to Coronavirus


It’s been great to see the town reopen in a safe manner!

This blog is to inform you of how different aspects of the town have adapted to the Coronavirus guidelines to make sure St Ives is a safe place for visitors, and settle any nerves you may have around visiting.


The Town

The Harbour front and Fore Street are now pedestrian-only from 11am to 4pm, allowing more space to be able to social distance. The roads have also been spray-painted with signs informing pedestrians to keep left, with banners and posters also reminding people to keep left and keep socially distanced.



So St Ives, a self-catering accommodation service in St Ives, said their guests are happy to be back in the beautiful town. ‘We have implemented many changes in line with new safety regulations, including longer changeover periods to allow gaps before and after cleaners go into properties, removing some items from our properties that could increase the risk of cross-infection and of course extra vigilance when it comes to cleaning’. They also say ‘we have completed risk assessments and compiled useful information to help our guests enjoy their holiday without scaring them off completely. There is a fine line between being informative and overly scientific!’ Overall, their guests are happy to be on holiday, and the season is looking to be extending into October and perhaps even November this year. 

James Parker from the family-friendly hotel resort Tregenna Castle, says ‘we’re thrilled to have reopened and have taken great steps to ensure a safe, relaxed and enjoyable environment for our staying guests. This includes social distancing measures, enhanced cleaning programs, and contactless options to name just a few. Our website provides all of our latest updates which we will continue to adapt as government guidelines evolve.’


St Ives Co was set to open filled with products celebrating the best of St Ives before Covid-19 forced closure. We spoke to them about their first weekend back and how they are adapting to the new ways. Ainslie Mackie, part-owner, says ‘we have a one in one out system unless you’re from the same household then two or three people are allowed in at once. There is hand sanitizer at the front of the store, with gloves if you want to wear them to touch things’. She also adds ‘overall, customers have been enjoying the experience as they have been able to ask us questions behind lots of the products’, ‘people have been respectful and abiding by the guidelines that we have in place’.

In the Allotment Deli, a go-to for local food produce, there are screen protectors and a limit to two customers in the shop at any one time. They are serving customers on items that customers would have served themselves before, and are happy to serve people outside the shop if they prefer. Laura, shop assistant, and St Ives Mermaid says ‘customers have been very respectful and kind adapting to the new ways’.

The Allotment Deli

Tate St Ives is perfectly laid out to guide visitors on a simple circuit, taking in the collection displays and our highly acclaimed Naum Gabo exhibition, and offering spectacular views across the beach to the ocean. The Barbara Hepworth Museum and its beautiful open-air sculpture garden has also reopened, and visitors can book a joint ticket for both sites to immerse themselves in the local, national and international significance of St Ives’ artistic community.” Anne Barlow, Director of Tate St Ives. Book your visit online here.


Searooms is a harbour front restaurant serving tapas, signature cocktails and their very own Saint Ives Liquor Co Gin. They have adapted through having fewer tables inside and outside the restaurant, to allow for social distancing. As this limits their capacity, they have also started a new takeaway option through a Click & Collect service, where you get given a time slot and collect the order from outside the restaurant. Additionally, details are taken of everyone in the restaurant and there is a maximum of 6 people per table. 

The Hub, a family-friendly all day eating and drinking restaurant serving up award-winning burgers, has adapted through offering a new Click & Collect service, an online booking system and order and pay option through their Hub Box app. The option to view the menu using the QR code on the table allows for contact and waste-free way to choose your favourite burger.  They have also added screens matching their interiors and taken out tables to adhere to social distancing guidance.


Rib Rides

Blue Thunder is a local sea-safari and high-speed boat ride company. They are running at a lower capacity, with 8 seats rather than 12 to be able to social distance. They are also taking card payments only and encourage people of the same household to help with life jackets as they are no longer able to help you. 

Blue Thunder RibRides St Ives

Overall, St Ives is adapting well to the changes and has a welcoming and calm atmosphere.

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