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Visitors and locals alike have understandably high expectations of the digital representation for St Ives and we wanted to create a visually engaging homepage that offers an inviting way to explore and experience the town. We have reduced the number of items in the navigation to three: Inspire, Discover, and Plan a trip.


In this section of the site, you’ll find all the inspiration you might need for your next visit. We’ve divided it around the following themes to fit the likes of visitors and locals and will be working on developing them and adding content over next year or so.



We’ve divided this section geographically into five areas allowing you to discover the town’s vicinity and taking you beyond within a 50-mile radius. St Ives is an ideal base to explore Cornwall and we wanted to include possible day trips that you might be interested in.


Plan a trip

All the information you might need to plan and book your trip will be available on this section of the site from Accommodation to how to Get here & around or work out where to Park. You’ll also find a number of Service providers, the Visitor Centre, Disabled facilities and other information that are generally Good to know.

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We have worked really hard to make our website accessible and easy to navigate, but if there is something specific that you can’t find, please let us know. We would like to hear what you think about these changes so we can continue to improve, please send us your feedback at support@meorstudio.co.uk.