No More No Shows

The nation’s attention heads towards no shows at restaurants, as celebrity chefs Tom Kerridge takes to Instagram to address the issue, as well as closer to home chef Paul Ainsworth alongside many other chefs and restaurants. Therefore we wanted to also address the problem here in St Ives.

No shows are not a new thing. However, with the current unprecedented times, they can be fatal for restaurants. To cope with the demand for numbers of covers booked, businesses rota more staff on shift, to ensure you get the great quality service you deserve. If the restaurant is fully booked, other bookings have been refused and food has been prepped ahead of your arrival. Due to adhering to social distancing measures, a lot of the restaurants in St Ives are running at 50-70% capacity, which restricts income and increases reliability on people to turn up for their booking.

Mick Smith, owner and executive chef at Porthminster Beach Cafe, said ‘we had one family book for 24 covers over a series of evenings and failed to turn up for each booking with no heads up, therefore we could not rebook the tables. We rely heavily on these pre-booked tables, no shows cost us and every other business that accepts bookings in St Ives’.


The #nomorenoshows campaign accepts that plans change and asks for customers to let the restaurants know ahead of the booking, to rearrange, and encourage friends and family to do the same. The initiative is to increase awareness of the detrimental effects that not turning up to your pre-booked table can have on a business, their employees, and their families.

Helen Tripconey, from St Ives BID, adds: “No shows or last minute cancellations is the last thing restaurants need right now, they are trying to recoup revenues lost during lockdown alongside running at reduced capacity. All we are asking is is that you consider these restaurants and other businesses that take bookings and give them as much notice as possible if you can’t make it for any reason.”

Restaurants with lack of footfall in Cornwall rely on their bookings and often have large waiting lists, therefore canceling with limited notice does not allow them to rebook the table. So, if you have a table booked and know that you cannot attend, please give notice to reduce the risk of revenue loss!

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