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If you have a property in St Ives and you want your property listed here, please consider the items below and then fill out the membership application form. St Ives Tourism Association is set up to support and complement local businesses. Read more.

SITA Membership Rates 2023

Annual fees for a full page website entry


MEDIA PRICES 2020 Update - How much to join SITA

If you would like to join the St Ives Tourism Association, advertise on our website and enjoy other benefits of membership, please consider the following to be eligible for membership.

Your property, guesthouse, hotel, campsite, resort or business must be in the TR26, TR27 postcode area.

If you are applying as an agency.
The agency must be wholly owned by you and not a subsidiary of a national/international company.

The properties you advertise must be exclusively in Cornwall.

The majority of the properties advertised must be in the TR26, TR27 postcode area.

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