Firebird at Tehidy Woods

17 August-2 September 2018
Tehidy Woods, North Cliff Entrance, Nr Portreath, Cornwall, UK,
Wild Firebird
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Firebird is a stirring, spellbinding, heart pounding, majestic and riotous feast for the senses combining vivid imagery, wild theatre that takes place all around you, incredible live music , breath taking dance, immersive battles, supernatural visions and a beautiful tale.

Following the fearless footsteps of Rogue’s King Arthur, Firebird is an immersive theatre adventure into the spell-casting shadows of Tehidy Woods North Cliffs.

Follow the flames to a fantastical bewitchment, a blazing show in the heart of the wild.

Firebird tells a tale of astonishing and dreadful beauty, about fire, about forgotten magic, revenge and the consuming flames of desire.

This is a tale of a Celtic Warrior Queen, a new world with new kings, the unrestrainable force of savage love and the cost of stealing from the old gods.

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