The Ladykillers (U) Film Season – St Ives Arts Club

16th September 2018
St Ives Arts Club, Westcotts Quay, St Ives, Cornwall, UK, TR26 2DY
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Director: Alex Mackendrick. 1955

Starring Katie Johnson, Alec Guinness and Peter Sellers.

The Ladykillers is a macabre comedy of dark deeds.

A gang of thieves, hiding out disguised as a music quartet in the genteel Edwardian home of the very proper Mrs.Wilberforce,plan to dupe her into picking up the loot after they rob a security van.

The mismatched gang are; Harry – a huffy teddy-boy, One Round – a punch drunk ex- boxer, Louie – a ruthless unsmiling European, The Major – a phoney army conman, and Professor Marcus, a sinister madman who makes a brilliantly threatening appearance.

This was the last film Alexander Mackendrick would direct forEaling Studios before leaving for Hollywood.

The fable of this film is meant to be an ironic joke about post-warEngland, the decline of the Empire, and its shattered society.

One of Ealing Studios’ best comedies, it just gets better with age.

Blasts From The Past will be the theme for this year’s St Ives September Festival Film Season.

Once again, organiser Wendy Watson has come up with a cracking selection of films for the annual silver screen extravaganza at St Ives Arts Club.

Last year four of the five films sold out – so make sure you get your tickets early.

All films are shown at the oldest art establishment in the town.

St Ives Arts Club, Westcott’s Quay, St Ives.

Opening Times

Doors open from 7.00pm

Ticket Prices

Standard: £6

Buy tickets for all 5 September festival films in one transaction for £25

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