Red Panda Ranger at Paradise Park

1st - 31st August
16 Trelissick Road, Hayle, Cornwall, UK, TR27 4HB
Paradise Park
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There is a fun and educational Red Panda Quiz to learn about these endangered animals in the wild and the individual characters who live at the Park. Do the quiz and claim your exclusive Red Panda Ranger badge!

Paradise Park is home to a family of these adorable bamboo loving pandas. Just like Giant Pandas, Red Pandas have an extra “thumb”, which is actually an enlarged bone designed to grab and hold bamboo stems, and they can eat up to 200,000 bamboo leaves daily!

Red Panda Keeper Donna Sinclair comments “The quiz is a fun way to learn more about this rare and endangered species, take the challenge to find all the answers and then claim your Red Panda Ranger star badge which we have created with the official Red Panda Network logo! We will have a special Red Panda talk at 2pm most days in August (please check the ‘talks’ board when you enter for confirmation) where we will encourage them to come down from trees, so people can see them better, plus show off some of their training which helps when the vet comes in to do health checks. There will also be a few souvenir items available to purchase and a prize draw. Money raised will go to a special project to create a ‘Red Panda Protected Forest’ in Nepal, run by the”

The Park currently have four Red Pandas on show, mum Jai-Li and her son Koda, plus daughter Scarlet and her companion Suri.

The Park will also be highlighting their very special RED PANDA EXPERIENCES which are now available! You can book a 30-minute session to go behind the scenes and into the enclosure for a close encounter! You will be able to feed, stroke, and in most cases, the pandas are happy to sit on your lap

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