Padraig Mac Miadhachain – A Life of Painting – Belgrave St Ives

11 June to 2 July
Belgrave St Ives, 22 Fore Street, St Ives, Cornwall, UK, TR26 1HE
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Based in Swanage, Dorset, from the early 1950s and working from studios in various parts of the world, Pádraig Mac Miadhacháin established a full time career painting for a living and living to paint.

Following early career scholarships to Russia and Poland, Mac Miadhacháin made almost annual painting journeys to Argentina, Mexico, Uruquay, Canary Islands, Ibiza and Ireland. The experiences of travel and the discovery of alternative cultures fed into his work directly, and several paintings in this exhibition illustrate these various cultural references. However, Dorset remained the artist’s mainstay throughout the seven decades of his artistic life, and he was always excited to return there to see the place afresh.

This retrospective exhibition is the first attempt to view Mac Miadhacháin’s work in chronological order. It is interesting to see not only the evolution of a personal visual language, but also the artist’s ability to move from abstract to figurative and back again, from tonal painting to high chroma, minimalist to narrative, dependent on the subject and artistic intent.

This exhibition will be showing in the main gallery.

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Mon-Sat, 10am to 6pm

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