Dog Walking in St Ives

St Ives has some of the best beaches in the country of which it is  justifiably proud. This year the Dog Control Orders which determine which beaches are Dog Friendly have changed. Although they are complex throughout the year, fortunately they are quite simple to follow during July and August. Here is everything you need to know for those two months only.

Dogs in St Ives Beach Map

Every Beach in the town is open for dog walking before 10 o’clock in the morning and after 6 o’clock in the evening. That was simple, wasn’t it? In addition to the above, Bamaluz (the small beach located below the town Museum), Lambeth Walk (the stony beach located behind the Lifeboat Station) and the portion of the Harbour Beach beyond a line connecting the ends of the two piers in a seaward direction, are available for dog walking all day. Unfortunately, these three areas are fully tidal so to be sure of a dog walking session, we suggest you consider the early morning time slot on any beach.

Whilst we want everyone to enjoy the beaches, do remember that dog walking restrictions will be enforced, so if you do not leave one of the time-restricted beaches by 10 o’clock, don’t be surprised if you are presented with a fine of at least £100! It also goes without saying that any dog mess must be bagged and put in a suitable waste bin. If the beach bins are full, don’t discard it by the bin, but take it away with you and find a suitable place to dispose of it. Children will be playing in the sand and around all beach areas so please make this a priority.

Whilst we are on the subject of kids, not all children and families are confident with dogs, so when beach access is allowed, please keep close control of your dog. People are likely to stay on the beach in good weather after 6pm when dogs are allowed, many of them consuming food, so if you decide on an evening dog walk, be aware there will be additional considerations.

Also remember that in this time of Social Distancing, it is essential that you don’t intrude upon families using the beach in order to retrieve your dog. If your dog doesn’t know how to behave or has poor recall, then it is advisable to keep your pooch on a short lead. Try not to use an extendable lead on crowded beaches, as this can be dangerous for other people. Confrontations with other beach users will inevitably lead to an unfavourable review of the rules which could result in dogs losing all beach access in the town. So please respect those who are not so keen on our furry friends.

Dogs in St Ives Evening Walks

If you want to access a really good run for your dog all day long, then we suggest you visit Porth Kidney Sands across the bay. You can reach this beach either by a short drive  (drive through Lelant village then turn off the road at the little grassy ‘roundabout’ just in front of the Church which leads you to a spacious Pay and display car-park at the end of the Sands, or, if you fancy a walk along the coast path, it will take you about 40 minutes from St Ives, and you can get your 10,000 steps in!

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