Beware of the Gulls

There are a high number of gulls in this area

  • Gulls associate people with food, this can cause injuries when they try and snatch food from you.
  • Gulls carry diseases such as E-Coli and Salmonella.
  • Gulls are very protective of their young and may attack people or pets.
  • We need to break their habits and encourage them to hunt in their natural habitat by limiting their access to our food.
  • Feeding gulls affects their health.

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Keep a watch out for the hungry gulls – St Ives BID

Hints and Tips

    • Throwing food is classed as littering – Don’t feed them.
    • Gulls have learnt how to snatch food from people by swooping down and at you so try eating against a wall.
    • Never leave food unattended.
    • Gulls don’t normally like to hunt for food from people in confined spaces so perhaps explore the narrow streets of St. Ives.
    • Explain to your children the reasons why we shouldn’t feed gulls.
    • Don’t give a gull an opportunity to swipe food from you – be alert and keep food close to you.
    • Keep away from nests and young gulls.
    • Bin any unwanted food.
    • Keep close to your child when they are eating.

You can download the information poster here.


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