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If it's going to be perfect, make it here! You could stay near to home, but it's the best time of your life, your most important day. Bring your most dear friends and family and one special person with you - to one special place. St Ives will surround you, caress you and be the light in your wedding day, an unforgettable backdrop to it all.

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st ives info

Your photographer will love the opportunities for creativity, confetti in the sand, sandcastles and bouquets, bare feet and wedding suits. Your nieces and nephews will love the chance to paddle, everyone will be pleased to watch them let off steam. Maybe more guests from far away will enjoy the chance simply to be there with you - and to be in St Ives once more. Take the biggest step of your life...

Getting Married in st ives

Couples who choose not to hold their wedding in church are no longer restricted to a registry office. Why not consider a civil ceremony in historical, beautiful, romantic st ives in Cornwall. There are several locations to choose from, most in fabulous grounds and on or near lovely sandy beaches with clear blue water, perfect for wedding day photographs.

st ives info
st ives info

Arranging the Ceremony

The first step is to book your venue, date and time. Early booking is recommended to ensure that you get the date that you want. Saturdays have always been traditional but more couples are considering Sundays and weekdays as prices can often differ. Once you have reserved the date and time with the venue contact the Superintendent Registrar of the district in which the premises are situated to ensure that the registrar is available to conduct and register the marriage. This can be done up to one year before the wedding. The person responsible for weddings within your chosen venue will be able to advise you on this procedure.

Your Wedding

st ives cornwall
st ives cornwall

Your chosen Wedding Venue will discuss with you what is available for your Wedding Day. You should think about the layout and seating arrangements of the wedding room, table and seating plan for your reception, music and other details. Many couples write their own ceremony to include their own vows and promises to each other. There is a core element that must be spoken to ensure the marriage is lawfully solemnised but more can be added. You can add your own choices of music, readings and poetry to include members of your family or friends.

Legal Requirements to marry

There are legal requirements to marry and you should check with the venue and the registrar what documents you need and what fees are payable.
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